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Project Management

Project Management

V.Delta’s extensive experience in project management makes us ideally suited to overseeing all conversion work.

Out team of expert consultants can take you through every stage of the process from feasibility studies and tendering to the delivery of your vessel. We can help frame agreements with suppliers, negotiate rates and draw up business plans. Our assistance is tailored to the individual needs of each venture.

Typically we employ two to five consultants on each project who will oversee all aspects of planning, risk management, quality assurance and cost control.

Examples of our work include the conversion of Prysmian Powerlink Services vessel Cable Enterprise. During this process our team helped with tendering and contract awarding before undertaking onsite supervision of the conversion process. This involved project planning, risk management, cost control and quality assurance. The result was a smooth delivery of the converted vessel with excellent construction quality and no extra costs.

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