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MV Polar Expedition New Building Supervision

MV Polar Expedition New Building Supervision

V.Delta has been appointed as owner’s technical advisor from the concept design stage, in order to prepare a tentative GA and outline specification of the new ship, by succeeding in satisfying the most stringent requirements from the owner point of view.

One of the most demanding task has been to provide consultancy regarding to regulations related to operation in Polar area.

V.Delta will be also assisting the client in subsequent phases of the project, as basic and detail design, On-site supervision during construction.


Scope of Design Phase: Design a new passenger cruise expedition vessel intended for worldwide operations and in particular for arctic waters, having expedition staff and zodiacs onboard. Main features:

Approximately 115 cabins including passengers, crew and expedition staff
14 zodiacs
Theatre, SPA, observation lounge, library and gym areas
Autarky 14 days


Standing regulations

Polar Code is the International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters  which has been developed to supplement existing IMO instruments in order to increase the safety of ships' operation in vulnerable and potentially harsh polar waters.

Ice Class means the notation assigned to the ship by the Administration or by an organization recognized by the Administration showing that the ship has been designed for navigation in sea-ice conditions.

Polar Class (PC) means the ice class assigned to the ship by the Administration or by an organization recognized by the Administration based upon IACS Unified Requirements.

V.Delta has identified the most suitable Ice Class and the Polar Code Category based on:

Vessel operating profile (operating area and season range)
Ice condition  and mean daily low temperature (MDLT)
SAR services/resources in operating area

V.Delta has established the impact on vessel design and budget of the selected ice class and Polar Code Category selected, with specific focus on:

Structure and appendages strengthening (icebelt)
Intact and damage stability ( floodable compartments)
Machinery, navigational and communication equipment considering specific environmental regulations and high latitude.

The Vessel


Ship Name

To be confirmed




168 passengers


63 crewmembers

Length BPP

97 m

Breadth Moulded

17 m


4.8 m