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Fire Risk Mitigation

Fire Risk Mitigation

V.Delta surveyors’ team went on-board on over 20 cruise vessels, more than 1,600,000 GT total tonnage, together with Class representatives and inspected engine room spaces in order to identify every potential source of ignition.

Pipelines and associated fittings of the fuel oil, marine diesel oil, marine gas oil lube oil and hydraulic oil systems were mapped and verified. Furthermore, thermograph measurements were taken aiming to identify hot-spots, which constitutes a risk of fire ignition due to high temperature. Thermal imaging carried out on Main and Emergency switch boards and other distribution boards, Main and auxiliary engines, trunkings, boiler furnace and uptakes, steam traps, heat exchangers, motors etc.

Also measures to minimize impact of fire were taken into account, thus readiness for use and continuous working under load of emergency generators were tested on-board each ship.

Through V.Delta network of business partners, all identified required actions were performed and completed, leaving each ship significantly safer than before.

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