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Energy Performance Management

Energy Performance Management

V.Delta helped Carnival Cruise Lines manage energy performance in its fleet of over 20 vessels. We deployed three naval architects with years of experience in data analysis, research and problem solving in the area.

The team's main tasks were:

  • Collecting and analysing ships' efficiency information.
  • Quality verification and improvement through coordination between crew, client and data providers.
  • Weekly meetings with technical management and crew to discuss fleet and vessel performance, accompanied by updated fleet and class specific reports.
  • Identification of potential savings and implementation of corrective actions.

During these kind of consultancies, attention to the following areas leads to substantial savings:

  • Hull and propeller cleaning, through IRR calculation for hull cleanings, propeller polishing and activities performed while in dry-dock.
  • Trim optimisation.
  • Port load minimisation.
  • Voyage optimisation, estimating fuel losses per leg due to higher average speed and extra consumption in port.
  • Optimisation of FW production cost and bunkering.
  • Voyage management analysis and discussion, including vessel route, diesel generators load and propeller revolutions per minute.